Portal: Revolution is a mod for Portal 2 that expands its story and gameplay.
We also use some elements from Portal Stories: Mel for the story as it was a huge inspiration for this game. The mod started off as just telling a new story but it showcases new detailing styles, testing elements and new gameplay concepts in general


Portal: Revolution got greenlit on Steam on 14.02.2017 so it will be available on Steam.
We plan to set the shop site visible as soon as we have a good teaser for it and some more work done on it so we can estimate a release date. (But you won't be able to play it until release)


The events of Portal 1 already happened. The cores of the enrichment center are finally free, but they know, that GLaDOS is still alive. To keep their freedom, they need to completely eliminate her. The only problem is, that they can't do it alone, since the only way to do so, is to add her to the target list of AEGIS (Aperture Employee Guardian and Intrusion System) from Portal Stories: Mel! Only a human can do that, so a core called Peat (Nickname of PEATDC, Personal Emergancy Aperture Technology Destruction Core) wakes you, testsubject #087, Sex: female, Name: Kate, to activate AEGIS and finally end GLaDOS' aera




Lead Developer


Co-Lead Developer


Music Production

Froot Loops

Level Designer


Voice Actor


Level Designer

Kolonel Wolf

Texture Artist